Biological products for future agriculture

SeedForward develops sustainable solutions in cooperation with:

  • Organic and conventional farms
  • Chambers of agriculture
  • Associations for organic agriculture
  • Universities, research institutions
  • Seed producers
  • Agricultural commodity trading firms

Current projects

Our seed coating for bell pepper demonstrates strong growth in young plants. The photo shows the development of root mass and foliage in plants grown from untreated seed (left), encrusted seed (centre) and film-coated seed (right).

In cooperation with Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, we have teamed up with piccoplant to develop and test new options for fertilizing blueberries as part of an EIP (European Innovation Partnership) project.

In collaboration with piccoplant Mikrovermehrungen GmbH, we are currently developing biological growth media as a substitute for synthetic hormones.

On behalf of Big Dutchman, we have teamed up with feed producer Bröring to develop microorganisms for an innovative straw-bedded housing system for pig breeding. The system is designed to lead to the production of valuable compostable manure instead of slurry.