Good seed

Product overview

  • An innovative, versatile seed coating for better plant growth

Our seed coatings are named after FREYA, the goddess of fertility in Germanic mythology. Comprehensive solutions with 100% natural ingredients and a far broader spectrum of activity than other products on the market.

FREYA increases germination rates, reduces water demand, and ensures that growing plants receive the nutrients they need. Seed coatings promote microbial activity and root growth; they also sustainably improve soil quality in the root zone and make plants more resilient. The smooth finish of the coating improves sowing accuracy. On top of all this, there are other positive side effects as well.

  • Water absorber for improved seed imbibition and germination
  • Root and growth stimulants
  • Microorganisms
  • Basic bundle of nutrients

By creating FREYA, we have developed a platform solution that allows individual adaptation. The seed coating can be specifically optimized to suit a particular plant species, prevailing climatic conditions, and soil type.

The first finished product is being marketed by L. Stroetmann under the name MAISGUARD.

An innovative, versatile seed coating for better plant growth


The innovative composition of MAISGUARD promotes rapid and strong early growth, even under difficult growing conditions. MAISGUARD sets itself apart with its direct application of key micronutrients to the seed itself, and the nurturing effect of various extracts and beneficial soil bacteria. In this way, the seed dressing improves plant health, increasing plant tolerance to biotic as well as abiotic stress factors. This in turn leads to improved nutrient acquisition and, therefore, a more positive nutrient balance.

Studies conducted on independent experimental farms confirm enhanced root formation and yield stability, as well as fertilizer savings.

Benefits to the farmer:

  • Ensures more rapid and effective root development (up to 60% more root biomass)
  • Improves yield stability in difficult growing conditions
  • Results in substantial underground fertilization savings
  • Increases stress tolerance and plant health
  • Improves nutrient availability and uptake
  • Enhances microbial activity in the root activity in the root zone
  • Increases resistance to pests